What’s Bothering You Series

What’s Bothering You is your online resource for your journey to happiness!

Hi, I’m Dr. Jacquie, America’s coach, and lifestyle expert and I’m here to get to the bottom of one crucial question… What’s bothering you?
Are you disappointed with your current relationships? Maybe your family life is not where you need to be, or ultimately you feel like you are not where you are supposed to be.
I understand all too well that people want happiness, but ultimately fail to recognize what it is that is keeping them unhappy.
After decades of counseling, I have realized that our happiness (or unhappiness) is a result of how we manage 3 simple but substantial parts of our life..
Love – Matters of the Heart
Do You Love with your whole heart?
Have you ever been disappointed with love?
Do you believe you can find true love?
Life – Living the Life You Love
Do you have the money that you want or need?
Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the day?
Are you living to your maximum potential or merely existing day by day?
You – All About You
How do you feel about yourself and your life choices?
Do you compare yourself with others?
Are there things you’d like to improve yourself?
It’s time to take control of your love, your life, and your potential and unlock your happiness.
Find out what is blocking your happiness with a quick quiz. The path to happiness is one click away!


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